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If you like sailing small, traditional crafts, you will enjoy sailing in the Small Reach Regatta.

Check out the website at: http://www.smallreachregatta.org/

 Rick on MRB 1




Rick Circa 1840

Is that Far & Away with

Tom Jackson 

I like to forage for wild food.  Let me know, on the blog, what is your favorite wild food.  Mine is Milkweed, you can eat it all summer long.  In the fall, it can be used to make cordage.  I even made some this spring.

You can find some really good information from Samuel Thayer at Forager's Harvest. http://foragersharvest.com/ 


That Old Time Colonial Stuff




is an organization of architects and engineers, based in China, Maine, serving clients throughout New England with highly motivated principals who are directly involved in projects.  This direct involvement increases project value, for the client, thru faster, more decisive, and direct communications at all levels.  Projects are produced by a diversified staff of highly qualified individuals with years of experience designing projects that are within time, budget, quality, and code parameters.  And most importantly, we include in the organization our many satisfied clients with facilities that meet their real needs.

Business operations maintain the fiscal responsibility of HAYDEN ARCHITECTS thru the operational areas of administration, marketing, and production.  Management of our firm is a process of planning, organizing and staffing, directing, and controlling in a systematic manner to achieve our business and professional goals.

The professional goal of HAYDEN ARCHITECTS is the fulfillment of our clients’ real needs; achieved by understanding their needs and then producing a high order of architecture and engineering (excellence of design and service) with innovative designs that are within program scope, time, budget, quality, and code parameters.

Since founding in 1978, time and experience has shown that HAYDEN ARCHITECTS is a hybrid among architectural firms; a firm successfully incorporating the best of large and small – the personal, responsive services associated with small firms, and the capabilities, resources, and knowledge base usually reserved for the largest.

Phone:  207-485-4158  

Email:  rhayden61@juno.com